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GS1 Syria

GS1 is a not for profit world wide organisation, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations (ECOSOC) of the United Nations adopted the recommendation of the committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to grant Special consultative status to “GS1”.

GS1 develops and manages standards System for the identification and bar coding of products and services. The EAN/UPC symbology used to encode GS1 identification numbers is an ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standard (ISO/IEC 15420). ISO/IEC 15420 stipulates the following: "EAN/UPC bar code symbols are exclusively reserved for encoding identification numbers.

The use of the symbology is restricted and subject to compliance with the GS1 rules and registration procedures. The administration of the numbering system by GS1 ensures that identification codes assigned to particular items are unique world wide and are defined in a consistent way. " GS1 Syria, 70 Lazaristes Building, Bab Touma, Damascus, is a Member Organisation of GS1.

GS1 Syria, It is authorised by GS1 to administer and regulate the use of the GS1 System by companies in Syria according to the rules established by GS1.

GS1 Syria, is recognised by GS1 as the only body in the Syrian Arab Republic competent to issue GS1 Company prefix numbers to manufacturers for the identification of their products and services and ensure that that the GS1 System is correctly implemented in Syria.

GS1 Syria, has the authority to undertake legal proceedings before the courts and other competent bodies concerning all matters pertaining to the protection and correct use of the GS1 System in Syria.

    Tel/Fax: +963 (11) 54 27 909 / +963 (11) 47 37 0090/1  
Email: ean-syria@net.sy / gs1syria@mail.sy