Who Own This Barcode?


GS1 Prefix 6211010
Company Name Mohamad Anas Al Halabe And Co.
Arabic Company Name شركة محمد أنس الحلبي - الايمان للتنمية
Company Address Damascus Country Side Hosh Blass
Arabic Company Address السيد محمد أنس الحلبي المحترم حوش بلاس ريف دمشق
Manager Name Mohamad Anas Al Halabe
Phones 011-4646462
Faxes 011-4646467
Email anas_halabe@yahoo.com
City Damascus Country Side
Industry registration Number 12/34/35/215/20
Industry Room Number 17059
Commerce Registration Number 2008/8691
Commerce Room Number 30501
Employee Number 40
Industry Type Detergents
Authorized To Sign Mohamad Anas Al Halabe
Export Countries Europe - Arabic Countries And Australia