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GS1 Prefix 6211186
Company Name Munir Al Haswani Co.
Arabic Company Name شركة منير الحسواني
General Informations
Company Address Yabroud Damascus Country Side
Arabic Company Address السيد يوسف الجسواني المجترم يبرود ريف دمشق
Manager Name Youseef Munir Al Haswani
Phones 011-7811779 / 011-4462603 / 0937-545054
Faxes 0992-406991
Email N/A
City Damascus Country Side
Industry registration Number 1
Industry Room Number
Commerce Registration Number 21160
Commerce Room Number 2597
Employee Number 3
Industry Type Food Sector
Authorized To Sign Youseef Munir Al Haswani
Export Countries Europe - The Arab World
Company Products
الديسم - معجون دبس الخوخ الشوكي - 300غ

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    Tel/Fax: +963 (11) 54 27 909 / +963 (11) 47 37 0090/1  
Email: ean-syria@net.sy / gs1syria@mail.sy