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GS1 Prefix 6211240
Company Name Amali Development LL.C.
Arabic Company Name آمالي للتطوير المحدودة المسؤولية
General Informations
Company Address Mezzeh Damascus
Arabic Company Address السيد محمد عمار القطمة المحترم المزة دمشق
Manager Name Mhd.Ammar Katmah -Haitham Saleh
Phones 011-3346679 / 0968-552556 / 0939-447777
Faxes 0958-606667 / 011-3346267
Email amali.dev.dlc@hotmail.com
City Damascus
Industry registration Number N/A
Industry Room Number
Commerce Registration Number 12878
Commerce Room Number 62350
Employee Number 7
Industry Type Food Sector
Authorized To Sign Mhd.Ammar Katmah
Export Countries Qatar -Bahrin -Oman
Company Products
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    Tel/Fax: +963 (11) 54 27 909 / +963 (11) 47 37 0090/1  
Email: ean-syria@net.sy / gs1syria@mail.sy